Hi, I’m Lucy,
Florist and
founder of
Raven & Ryegrass.

I’ve always loved flowers,
their simple beauty
and delicate transience

I’m equally captivated by the seasons and the different plants and flowers that arrive with each new phase of the year. You can see this passion reflected in my work. At Raven & Ryegrass we embrace nature, harnessing its beauty and taking inspiration from its finest patterns and details. Rather than fleeting trends, we focus on seasonality and sustainability.

I also believe in originality and innovation. Floristry is no longer constrained by dated, formulaic designs. It’s an art form with endless potential for creativity and artistic flair. Every design we create is unique and completely bespoke. From the minute you get in touch, it’s our mission to inspire and unearth every possibility on your behalf. We take great pride in our ability to understand your vision and express it fully through the floral moments that punctuate your wedding day.

I remain the lead designer on every project, working with a small, trusted team of experienced florists who share my values. We specialise in high-impact, large-scale installations, creating magical scenes inside spectacular venues. From cascading flowers and floral arches to enchanted woodlands and country meadows, our work often appears to have put forth shoots and blossomed in the very place you find it.

About me

I have two spirited young daughters who share my passion for flowers and the great outdoors. My other love is our dog, Murphy, a Jack Russell Chihuahua. His little legs have walked many miles with us across the UK, exploring mountains, fells, moors and beaches. Then there’s Frank, our beautiful horse who’s very much part of the family.

Much like the animals, I’m happiest outside, surrounded by nature. I adore the English countryside and I love replicating its wild, untamed beauty in my designs. Flowers are a magical medium and bring constant inspiration.