Sussex wedding flowers – 5 reasons to choose seasonal wedding flowers

What does ‘seasonal’ mean?

Flowers can be quite picky about when they grow! Different flowers bloom naturally at different times of the year, which means that some flowers will be much easier to find depending upon the time of year that you shop for them. Our Sussex wedding flowers are carefully selected according to the seasons.

Quite simply by choosing ‘seasonal’ you are selecting flowers that are currently in season, in other words, at their very best! For example, early summer time is Peony season. If this isn’t enough to convince you, I have summarised 5 good reasons below to choose seasonal wedding flowers.

Lasting beauty

Seasonal wedding flowers tend to look fresh and last much longer. Out of season flowers will have to be shipped in from far flung regions, often as far away as the other side of the globe. They are travel worn and far from their best when they arrive. Seasonal flowers on the other hand haven’t endured such a long journey to reach your wedding and arrive fresher and healthier as a result. The stems are longer and stronger, and the flowers themselves are fuller and infinitely more gorgeous. There are now many amazing British flower growers and I love to source beautiful blooms directly from the field, embracing the seasons and their wares.

Better choice

Choosing seasonal wedding flowers means that you are getting blooms that grow naturally and hence in abundance at that time of year. This means that we can easily get hold of the quantities needed to make your beautiful arrangements without exorbitant expense. There is also so much more choice; different varieties, shapes, sizes and of course, so many colours. This mean we can match perfectly to your chosen colour palette and inspire you with so many options.

Tropical and non-seasonal flowers are often so much more limited in numbers because they have to be shipped in from elsewhere. This means additional expense and very little room for last minute changes.

Spectacular scents

There is nothing more stunning than the beautiful scents of a flower filled room. The time taken for seasonal flowers to reach the florist from the field, is so much less than that for out of season flowers. In other words, there are fresher and newly cut. This holds the scent and as a result they smell so much more beautiful!

Sustainable and eco-friendly

As a society, we are becoming increasingly aware of the problems that face our planet and our role in this. By choosing seasonal flowers, you are choosing blooms that haven’t been forced or grown out of season. Plus, you aren’t using blooms that have been air-freighted half way around the world. Instead, you are choosing flowers that we can often pick up from an amazing independent farmer from the same county! It’s a win win situation for the carbon footprint of your wedding!

Seasonal flowers capture the time of the year

Using seasonal flowers adds to the uniqueness of your wedding. They will give it a natural, timeless décor, capturing the very essence of that season. When you see berries in the hedgerows and rusty red leaf changes, you will remember the beauty and colour of your Autumnal wedding. For Spring, imagine bundles of tulips and delicate blossom. Summer is filled with the elegance and scent of garden roses, and winter has that warm glow filled with candle light.

Plus, every year, as the peonies, sweet peas, cornflowers etc. reappear, it will be nature’s way of giving you that perfect anniversary present! The abundance of flower choice can seem overwhelming, but that is what we are there for. If you enjoyed reading this, I would love to help with your Sussex wedding flowers.


Photography: Emma Pilkington




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