West Sussex wedding flowers – styling your marquee

Marquee wedding are the ultimate blank canvas. There are endless opportunities to create a truly unique experience using floral displays, and we can go to town making real show-stoppers. There is such flexibility to reflect your own tastes and personality. Here are my top tips for styling your West Sussex wedding flowers and marquee. 


Most marquees are lined in shades of white and ivory, meaning that pale flowers can disappear into the background. For this reason, I advise that couples look into using bolder, brighter colours for their marquee wedding flowers. The flowers are there to make an impact and by using more vibrant colours they really stand out against the background giving your wedding the ‘wow’ factor! 

At this event, you can see how we used flowers with a real zing! There were purple, pink and green hydrangea, gorgeous pink garden roses, raspberry scoop Scabiosa and delicious lilac Delphiniums. The burst of colour variety gave such a beautifully dramatic effect against the pale walls. 

Make an impact 

In other types of venues, we look to work our wedding flowers around the architecture. By winding roses up stone pillars and climbing meadow style blooms up staircases, we enhance and accentuate these existing spaces and features. However, in a wedding marquee we use creative, large-scale installations to use the space to our advantage, creating individual architectural pieces. The arrangements need to be big and bold to create that impact, whilst still maintaining their elegant styling. 

The brief for these displays was a natural design and we made statement pieces behind the top table. We used English grown foliage with different shades of green to add to the texture. As soon as you entered the marquee you were met with the beautiful mixture of scents. Carefully chosen garden roses added to that atmosphere. It really felt like we were encapsulating nature itself and it fitted perfectly with the British countryside backdrop. Some marquees have the option of opening up the sides and this can really give you a sense of bringing the outside in.

Show stoppers

Big, suspended installations from the ceiling really give guests that jaw-dropping experience as they arrive. Big chandelier designs are probably one of my favourites. Once the daylight fades the flowers are still allowed to shine in the spotlight. We work carefully with marquee companies to make sure that they are safely hung whilst looking at their very best.

Large suspended designs are big news this year for many different types of event, and I expect us to be making many more over the next couple of years.

suspended floral installation West Sussex wedding flowers

Blooms for every table

All the tables had their own individually designed floral centrepiece in vintage white footed bowls. We carefully kept these to a lower height so that guests could chat with ease over the top. Little glass bud vases with delicate flowers were carefully placed around the main display giving it an elegant touch.

We do use larger centrepieces but try and keep them over a certain height so that guests can meet underneath. The other option is a mixture of high and low level arrangements which can have a lovely effect.

Your West Sussex wedding flowers

We absolutely loved working on the beautiful flowers for this marquee. It is so satisfying to create a brief for clients and then deliver results that surpass their expectations. If you would like us to produce your marquee wedding flowers, please do get in touch

West Sussex wedding flowers full marquee set up

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